Orthodontic Treatment in Austin, TX

A common question we’re asked by parents is, “When is the best time to start orthodontic treatment?”

For kids, there’s an optimal window during which we should begin planning orthodontic treatment. Early evaluation at Poplin Pediatric Dentistry ensures the best long-term results with a minimum of time and expense. The American Association of Orthodontists suggests scheduling an evaluation as soon as we see any sign of orthodontic problems, but no later than age seven.

Phase One Treatment

When treatment is started before all adult teeth have emerged, it’s known as Phase 1 Treatment. This is actually the first phase of orthodontic treatment, and usually takes place when a young patient has their first permanent molars and incisors. Sometimes it takes place before there are any adult teeth to get your child’s growth and development on the right track.

Because young children are experiencing rapid growth, Phase 1 orthodontic treatment can be very beneficial. This early treatment can limit or even eliminate the need for future braces. If we wait until all the permanent teeth are in before we begin treatment, it could result in issues too severe to be addressed with braces alone. Early treatment may eliminate the need for more extensive orthodontic treatment plans including the removal of permanent teeth or surgical procedures.

Why Phase One Treatment Is Important

Children often display early signs of jaw problems as they grow and develop. If Dr. Poplin recommends Phase 1 Treatment, it’s with good reason. With early evaluation, we can examine and monitor your child’s growth to determine when starting treatment will be most effective. The goal of treatment is to help create the conditions that allow your child’s jaw to develop in a way that will accommodate all of the permanent teeth and improve their bite.

Not all patients require Phase 1 Treatment, but in certain cases it can be very beneficial. For instance, we may find that your child has an upper jaw that is too narrow. If your child has this issue, early orthodontic treatment may be recommended.

Reasons for Phase 1 Treatment

Some common indications for Phase 1 are:

  • Protruding or crowded teeth
  • Dental crossbites, underbites, and overbites
  • Jaws that aren’t in proportion to each other

In many cases, early intervention reduces the severity of potential problems that might otherwise require surgery in the future. With Phase 1 treatment, we can take the steps to reduce the severity of potential problems and the likelihood of surgery.

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Are you interested in learning more about Phase 1 orthodontic treatment for your child? Please contact Poplin Pediatric Dentistry, and we’ll be happy to get the process started by setting up a consultation with Dr. Poplin. We look forward to helping your child enjoy a happy, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.