Pediatric Tooth Restorations in Austin, TX

You may wonder why we are talking about restorative procedures for young children.

It is good to remember that baby teeth have important work to do. They help your baby eat and allow them to speak clearly. They also help hold space for the adult teeth to come in allowing them to grow in properly.

Why Would My Child Need a Restoration?

If your child follows a healthy diet and visits Poplin Pediatric Dentistry regularly for visits, you may never have to worry about a cavity. Even with good dental care, your child can develop decay that threatens the health of the baby tooth.

When this happens, we need to get rid of the cavity and restore the tooth. Without treatment, your child may have pain, and the tooth may become so severely damaged that it needs to be removed. We want to avoid this at all costs because a missing tooth can allow surrounding teeth to move out of their proper position. Without a tooth to reserve a space, permanent teeth may come in crowded and require orthodontic treatment.

What Types of Restorations Do you Offer for Kids?

You may be surprised, but many of the same restorations used for adults are also appropriate for children. The reason is that our goal with your child’s teeth is the same as it would be with yours – to keep them healthy and intact for as long as possible.

Some restorations we often use for kids are:

White Fillings – Even baby teeth can need fillings. As long as there isn’t too much damage to the tooth, fillings are the simplest solution to repair cavities. Of course, we also fill permanent teeth for older children.

Crowns – Crowns on baby teeth serve the same purpose as adult crowns. A crown covers a damaged tooth and protects it until it’s ready to fall out on its own. We offer white (porcelain) crowns, but not all insurances cover the cost. Stainless steel (silver) crowns are just as effective, more affordable, and more likely to be covered by insurance.

Cosmetic Bonding – You may know bonding as an aesthetic treatment that’s appropriate for adults, but there are also uses for bonding children’s teeth. If your child chips a baby tooth, we may choose to make an aesthetic fix by bonding to build up the tooth and disguise the chip.
What Can You Do to Help My Nervous Child?

Our team is great at putting children at ease about visiting the dentist. Fixing cavities is necessary, and sometimes a child can’t sit still long enough for us to take care of the problem. If this happens with your child, we offer nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” to help them relax.

Nitrous oxide is mild and safe and won’t make your child feel drowsy after their treatment is finished. Your child won’t go to sleep, but will generally help them to stay calm and relaxed while we are taking care of their teeth.

Please Call to Make an Appointment

We want to help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles, and we’re ready to start today. Please call our office, and we will be happy to arrange a first visit for you and your child.