Tongue Tie in Texas

One of the dental services we provide is a laser frenectomy (often referred to as tongue tie surgery).  Dr. Poplin has trained with some of the most renowned providers in the country and now teaches other dentists across the country how perform a frenectomy/functional frenuloplasty.


We have a new part of our office that focuses specifically on infants.  We strive to have the best results for you and your baby by taking an integrative approach to tongue tie treatment.  For more information on Infant Frenectomy, please visit our collaborative page with Milk Divas at

If you are requesting an infant tongue tie assessment and you also need a lactation assessment, we are able to do that all in one visit.  Please book here.


What is a frenum? (also called frenulum)

Your child’s mouth contains small folds of tissue that support their speech and oral functions. These pieces of tissue, known as “frenums,” are usually considered part of standard anatomy and are harmless, necessary components of the mouth. However, in some cases these folds of tissue in the mouth can restrict the movement of the tongue or lips. Restrictions can actually cause functional problems with breastfeeding, eating, and speaking. They can also lead to gum recession later in life, as the labial frenulum pulls gums off the bone. Frenectomy procedures are performed in an attempt to avoid issues with breastfeeding, speech problems, and orthodontic issues.

Did you know that everyone has seven frenums, also known as ties? There are typically four buccal (cheek) ties, an upper lip tie, a lower lip tie, and a tongue tie.

What is a frenectomy? (Functional Frenuloplasty)

While most frenums function as they should, some frenums can occasionally pose problems due to their thickness, depth, size, or location they attach. Such frenums can inhibit your child’s speech, development, and ability to eat or breastfeed.

A frenectomy is a surgical procedure designed to release the restriction and help restore proper function. When a child’s frenum is too restrictive, they will struggle and develop problems over time—which is why we recommend a kids frenectomy at our dental office.

At Poplin Pediatric Dentistry, we can perform a pediatric frenectomy in Austin, TX to improve your child’s quality of life. Dr. Poplin is the only pediatric dentist in Austin that has trained to perform a functional frenuloplasty.

How will you perform my child’s frenectomy/functional frenuloplasty?

Dr. Poplin chooses to perform frenectomies using laser dentistry because this type of treatment is fast, safe, and efficient.

We rely on the Solea Laser to help make your child’s treatment more comfortable. This laser technology means a shorter recovery time, less bleeding, and a smaller chance of postoperative infections. Your child should not feel any pain while we use the laser! For children over four, we recommend myofunctional therapy before and after a frenectomy to get the best results! We work with several wonderful myofunctional therapists around Austin, including Georgetown and Dripping Springs.


Does my child need a frenectomy?

If your child has a tongue tie, you’ve likely already noticed signs at home.

Typically, children who need a frenectomy have difficulty:

  • Eating
  • Swallowing
  • Breastfeeding
  • Speaking clearly
  • Breathing with their mouth closed

You can visually inspect your child’s mouth for signs of a tight frenum, but the best way to know for sure if there are functional issues is to bring them to our dental office for an evaluation.

To schedule a dental appointment with Austin’s tongue tie specialist, Dr. Jared Poplin, please call Poplin Pediatric Dentistry today at (512) 346-1283.