Pediatric Dentistry Tools: How Laser Dentistry Can Improve Your Child’s Comfort

Have you heard about laser dentistry for children? This high-tech approach to providing gentle care gives pediatric dentists another way to minimize discomfort, speed dental procedures, and eliminate the need for injections and anesthesia in many cases.

At Poplin Pediatric Dentistry, we want the best for your son or daughter and have thought of everything to help them feel safe and secure. With children’s laser dentistry, at our 78731 dentist office, we can help ensure your little one’s comfort.

Treatments Performed with Kids Laser Dentistry

Today, pediatric laser dentistry is used to perform numerous procedures at our Austin, TX office, including:

  • Remove a tongue-tie (frenectomy)
  • Apply preventive dental sealants
  • Remove tooth decay
  • Remove pulp tissue (pulpotomy)

Benefits of Children’s Laser Dentistry in 78731

If you haven’t heard about laser dentistry for kids, check out all the benefits this leading-edge technology offers.

Dental Lasers Are Safe for Children

Dental lasers were approved for treatment over two decades ago and are considered to be as safe for children as any other dental instrument. The dental laser uses a focused beam of light to target the precise area your dentist is treating without affecting any surrounding tissue.

Minimizes the Need for Drilling and Injections

Pediatric laser dentistry may not be appropriate for every child in every case. But when it is, pediatric laser dentistry often eliminates the need for drilling and anesthesia. Since both are anxiety triggers for many children, dental lasers also help improve your child’s feeling of security and well-being.

Results in Faster Recovery Times

Because treatment with dental lasers is so precise, dentists can often perform more conservative treatment, which results in minimal bleeding, less swelling, and faster healing times. Since your dentist may not need to numb your child’s mouth, laser dentistry also does away with lingering numbness after the procedure that is an uncomfortable sensation for many kids.

Call Your Pediatric Dentist in Austin, TX

Dr. Jared Poplin and the team at Poplin Pediatric Dentistry work together to make oral care more comfortable and less stressful for your child. If you would like to schedule a dental appointment or learn more about the benefits of children’s laser dentistry in the 78731 area, please call us to get started.


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